Auto Network USA, Inc was founded in 1983 by Russell Militello. In 2006 the company changed its name to, Inc to more reflect the current business model and environment. The company offers professional services to auto dealerships in both the USA and Canadian markets. The following is a list of current offerings:

Inventory Procurement PDP Program

Since 1983 has been supplying auto dealerships with quality motor vehicle inventories. Through strategic market analysis and customer feedback, combined with a vast network of pre-qualified suppliers, Auto Network is known for having a quick moving inventory of top-quality, high-demand cars, trucks, SUV’s and motorcycles. Our success is based upon our customer’s success. Therefore, we form a strategic partnership with our dealer customers. Our Preferred Dealership Partners (PDP) enjoy our free strategic inventory planning services along with the exclusive right to the vehicles they pre-order. Additionally, they receive preferential pricing on our in-stock vehicles.
Bottom Line: We make our customers money!

  • $1000/vehicle avg procurement cost saving (No Auction Fees, No Trucking, No Travel Expenses)
  • $1000/vehicle avg cost savings in repair orders and recon costs
  • Dependable inventory source of hard-to-find, high-demand vehicles

Inventory Remarketing Services

Attention Fleet Managers and Dealerships! offers a “game winning” remarketing program to efficiently liquidate your inventory for top dollar. Through our network of Preferred Dealership Partners we find buyers for over 80% of all inventories we handle before the need to use expensive dealer auctions. For any remaining inventory we offer expert auction representation at extreme discount prices that are pre-negotiated with most major auction houses.

Motor Vehicle Importing Services is one of a very small handful of licensed Registered Importers with the US Government. We specialize in importing vehicles between the USA and Canada that are made in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Our importation services include:

  • Strategic Importation Partnerships
  • Currency Exchange Services
  • Transport Logistics
  • Vehicle Processing
  • Odometer Conversions
  • Titling Services
  • Secure Vehicle Storage

Auto Dealership Consulting Services’s founder, Russell Militello and associates have been consulting auto dealers for nearly thirty years. Expertise in all facets of dealership operations, acquisitions, sales training, VAuto and marketing provide invaluable insight into maximizing dealership profitability, customer satisfaction, and strategic planning. Consulting project frequently include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Inventory Selection
  • Market Penetration
  • Pricing
  • Employee Comp
  • Inventory Procurement and processing
  • Coaching & Training for Success
  • Profit & Cost Controls
  • Proper Use of VAuto (what works and what doesn’t)
  • Strategic Marketing Development (both digital and traditional)

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